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Deoria Campaign 25 April 2014

Kalraj Mishra visited Fazil Nagar in Kushinagar Vidhan Sabha, Deoria. Kalraj Mishra was accompanied with Ex MLC Mahendra Yadav, MLA Kushinagar Ganga Singh Kushwaha and other senior leaders of BJP. He visited Sathiyao, Abhogwa, Bardahan Bazaar, Tarunwa, Sumahi Buzurg, Usmanpur, Gandhi Chawk, Bankat Bazaar, Koilaswa. While his visit to above mentioned places he was warmly welcomed at various places on his way.  

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Nomination of MP Candidate Rajesh, Kushinagar

Kalraj Mishra reached Kushinagar for nomination of BJP’s MP Candidate from Kushinagar Shri Rajesh Padey. Shri Kalraj was invited there as a chief guest.

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Hettimpur visit with Shahi ji

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Gurwalia Meeting with Yogi Adityanath

Kalraj Mishra and Mahant Yogi Adityanath Ji addressed huge crowd in Gurwalia village of Fazilnagar, in Deoria. Kalraj addressed public and said It was party decision for me to contest from Deoria, I am a loyal party worker and had always respected the policiy and orders of the organization. I had never thaught that I have to contest from Deoria it is just a coincidense that when in 1975 people of India were afflicted by Congress Government and I was arrested and send to Deoria Jail for 19 months and Congress got huge defeat in elections and after 29 years …

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Public Meeting at Barpar, Pathardeva

Kalraj Mishra addressed people of Barpar Deoria with Ex MP Prakash Mani Tripathi, MLA Deoria Sadar Janmejay Singh, Ex MLC Mahendra Yadav Shri Shailesh Kumar Tripathi

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Ex-MP supports Kalraj

ex-MP Sri Prakash Mani Tripathi

On Friday evening, ex-MP Sri Prakash Mani Tripathi and present candidate from Deoria Kalraj Mishra shared stage in Baitalpur and jointly urged people to cast vote for BJP. The former MP said, “There is no dispute in the organization and everyone accepts the party decision. We all should work hard for the success of the candidate nominated by the party and join hands for BJP’s success. The nation should have Modi’s government.” Kalraj Mishra became emotional after the address of Tripathi. He remembered Sri Prakash Mani Tripathi’s elder brother and father on the occasion. “Our families had very good relations. …

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कलराज मिश्र का देवरिया में अभूतपूर्व स्वागत हुआ

Warm welcome of Kalraj Ji in Deoria

कलराज मिश्र का देवरिया संसदीय क्षेत्र में अभूतपूर्व स्वागत हुआ, क्षेत्र में सूचना होते ही लोगों ने कलराज जी को हाथों हाथ लिया और लोगों में कलराज मिश्र के स्वागत में माला पहनाने के लिए होड़ सी मची थी । देवरिया कि जनता थोड़ी थोड़ी दूर पर जत्थे बनाकर कलराज मिश्र के स्वागत के लिए आतुर दिखी । लोगों का उत्साह इस बात से ही जान पड़ता है कि कलराज मिश्रा को 20 कि० मी० कि दूरी तय करने में लगभग 5 घंटे का समय लग गया । कलराज मिश्र के देवरिया से चुनाव लड़ने से लोगों में खासा उत्साह …

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