Tuesday , 11 August 2020

Launch of Khadi Denim

Visited khadi bhawan for the launch of Khadi Denim and inauguration of the North East PMEGP exhibition at Khadi Bhawan. Khadi denim launched today at Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, New Delhi. Launch of Khadi Denim is an example of Youth specific Khadi product. Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, New Delhi received ISO 9001:2008 for best management services. Khadi symbolises nationalism. We could find reference of Khadi during Mahabharat & Vedic peroid also.
Promotion of entrepreneur from Easter region of India is a demand of time. 15 days exhibition started today will definitely help us to promote MSMEs from North East region.
We are committed to promote & support MSMEs.

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