Friday , 30 October 2020
Kalraj Mishra Blames Akhilesh Govt for Riots

Kalraj Mishra blames Akhilesh Yadav govt for Muzaffarnagar riots

Blaming the UP government for the riots in Muzaffarnagar, BJP leader Kalraj Mishra has charged that violence was orchestrated by the Samajwadi party for vote-bank politics.

He alleged that even one-sided arrests are being made in the riot-affected areas for the appeasement of the particular community.

“The violence in Muzaffarnagar is orchestrated by the state government. The SP, BSP and Congress are hand-in-glove with each other,” Mishra said in Kanpur on Sunday.

He was on his way to Hamirpur for a programme and halted in Kanpur for a while late on Sunday evening.

Mishra blamed the poor law and order situation in the state for the riots and said that SP government has failed on all the fronts. Training its guns on the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre, Mishra said the common man is reeling under inflation and price-rise due to the corruption of the Central government.

When asked about the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Mishra said it will be decided by the Parliamentary Board of the party.

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