Saturday , 19 September 2020

Inaugraation of 5th National Conference & Round Table Meetings in Kolkata

Allocation of funds at state level is on anvil through the ‘Credit Guarantee Fund Trust’ which is going to provide adequate financial assistance to the budding MSME entrepreneurs and will eventually lead to a higher growth rate and more employment generation in the sector

Mr. Kalraj Mishra, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India
Addressing the Inaugural session at the National Conference & Round Table Meetings on MSME Financing & Strengthening MSME Linkages, the Chief Guest Mr Kalraj Mishra, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India spoke about the crucial role played by the MSME sector to restructure the Indian economy and to take forward the country at global stage. He mentioned that till now though several policies have been undertaken to tackle the problems on credit availability, incidences of default and other related obstacles, still a number of problems exist. Thus a comprehensive policy needs to be formulated which will take care of the existing problems in an in depth manner. He said that the Ministry intends to come up with new policies to provide a concrete solution. In the maiden budget of the new government they have announced to allocate a fund of 10000 crores for facilitation of MSME industries. He mentioned that the Union Government has started taking suitable initiative to promote the Indian MSME sector like other Asian countries including China and Japan. Mr. Mishra candidly announced that an industrial park is soon going to be established in Ahmedabad by Indian Government in collaboration with the Chinese Government which will pave a new way for the Indian manufacturing industry. The Union Government has also realized the importance of foreign investment for promotion of MSME activities of India. He is hopeful that a proper synchronization in terms of financing, development of requisite manufacturing and marketing is going to transform the landscape of Indian MSME sector and bring internal stabilization within the sector. He candidly announced that as an initiative to eradicate the financial bottlenecks, the Ministry has set a plan to provide institutional credit by the ‘Credit Guarantee Fund Trust’ for easy availability of credit, particularly to the micro and small enterprises. Mr. Mishra said that MSMEs contributing for about 45% of India’s total export volume and 8% of India’s GDP need further focus, particularly in the division manpower, skill development and technological advancement. In this regard he talked about the role of the incubation centers to nurture the potential of Indian youth by imparting appropriate training to them .NSDC is playing the pivotal role in achieving the target of building 500 incubation centers in coming years. Investment is also being injected via PPP mode to fulfill the target of training 10000 youth under this 12th Five Years Plan. Government of India has also launched a job portal named ‘Job Dialogue’ to employ the unemployed youth using a mobile platform. He firmly believes a proper co-ordination among the entrepreneurs, financial institutions and banks will help to combat with the internal impediments and build the confidence among the new entrepreneurs. He also feels that the relevant stakeholders should be encouraged to diversify their product basket through innovation. He believes that if the MSME sector gets further impetus, it will also act as a weapon to attain women empowerment. This will be possible because most of the MSMEs deal with the women entrepreneurs in the East and North East region. Lastly Mr. Mishra mentioned that to promote the rural entrepreneurs and make their products commercially more viable, a B2C portal for marketing has been initiated by Government of India
The Guest of Honour, Mr. G Kaito Aye, Hon’ble Minister, Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Nagaland while addressing the house, mainly talked about the problems of the entrepreneurs in Nagaland to access the Government Schemes and corporate financial assistance .Being a land locked country, lack of connectivity acts as a major impediment to flourish the MSME sector in the state in terms of investment. He is of the opinion that Government along with the private players should also come forward to explore the potential MSME sectors in Nagaland and in other NE states, which mainly lies with food processing, horticulture and tourism sector. He is hopeful that the dynamic measures that are being initiated with the new Union government will help to solve the pertinent issues and come up with some feasible remedies. While talking about the financial barriers faced by the micro and small enterprises, he suggested that the financial institutions along with the banks should be more conscious while disbursement of loans to the micro institutions to solve the issues related to default and come up with simplified processes.

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